With the Aeropress you can make a coffee with great aromas and a good body.

You will need:

1 aeropress
Aeropress filter paper
1 grinder (or freshly ground coffee)

1 scale
16 g medium / fine ground coffee
1 kettle
200 ml filtered water


Grind your coffee. We recommend 16 g and a fine to medium grind. The brewing temperature should be around 92°C.

Insert the filter and rinse the Aeropress with warm water to avoid a papery taste.

Put the plunger and the brewing cylinder together and then insert the funnel. Then put 16 g of ground coffee in the funnel and fill the Aeropress with hot water at 92 °C (about 120 ml) in circular movements.

Stir vigorously and let the coffee steep for 30-60 seconds. Add the rest of the water (200ml in total) and let the coffee steep again. The extraction time is about 1:30 minutes. Now turn the Aeropress upside down and slowly press the plunger down. Enjoy your coffee :)