Fruity and refreshing, the perfect method for hot summer days. Preparation time: 12-24 hours.

What you need if you don't have a cold brewer at hand:

Chemex (or funnel)
Chemex filter paper (or regular filter paper)
100g coarsely ground beans
1000g water (room/fridge temp)
The extraction time for this is between 12-24 Hours.


1. Put 100 g of coarsely ground beans in a large sealable container and fill it with one liter of cold water.

2. Place in the fridge and shake vigorously every now and then.

3. After 12-24 hours in the fridge you can filter the coldbrew. It is best to use a Chemex. If you don't have a Chemex at hand, a normal filter and a collecting vessel will do the job as well