You need:

19g ground coffee (fine grind) 38g boiling water
Total brewing time is 26-32 seconds.


First preheat the espresso machine.


Grind your coffee (fine grind).
The portafilter should be lightly heaped with coffee (± 19g espresso).

Run your index finger over the edge of the portafilter to distribute the coffee evenly. Maybe you also have a leveling tool, you can use it to distribute the finely ground coffee like a pro.

Press the espresso coffee powder into the portafilter with a metal tamper. This will take a little practice until you find the right pressure.

Rinse your espresso machine with hot water before inserting the portafilter.

Insert the portafilter. Now you can start the extraction. The perfect espresso takes about 26-32 seconds. Tip: Limu coffee extraction time: 32 seconds.

Nothing beats a fresh espresso to start the day. Have fun!