Designed and manufactured by Hario in Japan, the V60 is a favorite for home coffee brewing and a must-have for both beginners and advanced users.

Hario was founded back in 1921, but just a short time after its founding, Hario's popularity has increased enormously and their devices have been sold worldwide.

Although the brewing time is a little longer, the V60 delivers wonderful aromas and a very pure, well-balanced coffee.

Have a go at brewing the perfect V60 mug. Here's what you need:

1 V60
1 V60 filter paper
1 grinder
1 scale
26 g ground specialty coffee (e.g. Coffee Annan Limu coffee)

1 kettle
340ml filtered water


1. Fold the seam of the V60 filter and place the filter paper in the cone. Pour some hot water over the filter. This will prevent your coffee from tasting like paper later. You can throw away the filtered clear water. 

2. Place the ground coffee in the center of the filter and heat the water. The ideal temperature is ± 92 degrees Celsius.

3. Slowly and carefully pour about 40-50 ml of water over the ground coffee. Be careful not to pour water on the filter to avoid giving the coffee a papery taste.

Let the water soak in here for 30-40 seconds ("blooming")

4. Add the remaining heated water carefully and in a circular motion.

After about 3 minutes you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee! Feel free to let it cool down a bit to taste more of the fruity flavors.