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You know it: That brief moment of pause in the hectic everyday life, when only the perfect espresso matters. From the portafilter, a small work of art is created: dark, intense, and crowned with a velvety crema. Dive into the fascination of the portafilter and perfect your espresso.
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You need:

18 g ground coffee (fine grind) 36-60 g boiling water
The total brewing time is 26-32 seconds.


First, preheat the espresso machine.

Grind your coffee (fine grind).
The portafilter should be lightly heaped with coffee (± 18-19 g of espresso).

Swipe your index finger across the edge of the portafilter to distribute the coffee evenly. Maybe you have a leveling tool, which you can use to distribute the finely ground coffee like a pro.

Press the espresso coffee powder into the portafilter with a metal tamper. This requires a bit of practice until you find the right pressure.

Rinse your espresso machine with hot water before clamping in the portafilter.

Clamp the portafilter in. Now you can start the extraction. The perfect espresso takes about 26-32 seconds. Tip: Extraction time for Uganda Espresso Roast: 32 seconds.

Nothing is better than a fresh espresso to start the day. Enjoy!


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