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more stay at least in the country of origin of the coffee. Thanks to our efficient supply chains, you can provide added value without having to pay extra for it.*

Reinvesting larger profits supports local businesses and creates new opportunities. This leads to a stronger economy and greater financial independence.

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fewer CO emissions compared to conventional cultivation** - you can achieve this by supporting agroforestry.

Agroforestry reduces CO₂ emissions and has socioeconomic benefits. It also helps improve water and air quality, soil health and wildlife habitat.

Changing the world can be as simple as that Choosing the right coffee

Do you love coffee?
Should it be coffee with real impact?
Sustainable is important. But should the coffee also be uniquely delicious?
If you answered “yes” to all questions, we would be happy to help!

Firstly, we don't compromise on taste. Coffee Annan's finest beans are certified specialty coffees, making them part of the top one percent of our planet.
Secondly, we trade directly with the best producers in Ethiopia and Uganda and enable them to roast their coffee in their respective countries of origin. This leads to increasing local value creation.

As a result, we observe local economic growth, the associated job creation and an increase in financial independence. We firmly believe in socially responsible resource procurement and processing and want to make a contribution to global equal opportunities.

The producers and people who roast our and your coffee should get the appreciation they deserve!


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Currently, 99% of coffee is shipped as raw material. This means that 90% of the countries of origin are dependent on financial support. We believe that keeping as many steps of the value chain as possible in the source countries such as Ethiopia will help to become more self-sufficient. That's why we're working with coffee producers to build a platform that enables trading in real products instead of raw materials.

We source specialty coffees, which are among the best coffees in the world. All of our partners are well-trained coffee experts. Our coffees are carefully drum roasted to our specifications.

Honestly, you don't need us for that. Our job is to help coffee countries become more independent. We would be happy if you choose roasted coffees from the country of origin, even if you do not use our service. However, our service also includes crowd shipping, which enables us to negotiate better shipping conditions. So transport will probably be cheaper with us ;) We also procure the green beans, we handle product development, quality management and import and export. There's an extra portion of love in every bag.

And how! We put a lot of love and energy into product development. We tested hundreds of different types of coffee until we were satisfied. It took us almost 2 years to find our coffees.

No problem! You will receive a notification three days before a subscription is renewed. This way you can easily manage your subscription and change the volume with each order. This is also possible for the SAVE subscription. Our team can advise you at any time.

Absolutely. We disclose all of our purchase prices.

We deliver throughout the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We work with DHL, DPD, GLS, Fedex and Swiss Post to offer you a fast and reliable service.

We have a FLEX and a SAVE subscription. The FLEX subscription is billed monthly, but you can pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time. With the SAVE subscription you get a 10% discount on every order. Subscription is billed monthly for 12 months until renewed. You will receive a notification five days before the subscription is renewed. So you can easily manage it in your dashboard and find all invoices in one place.

Even better. We do direct trading. We visit the producers regularly and only buy gourmet beans. Procurement of high-quality coffee allows us to pay farmers premium prices, which are always above the Fairtrade price. We believe this model is more efficient than the label industry and allows us and producers to shape the future together.‍

Do you need to deliver to different locations? No problem! You can easily manage all your locations using the Coffee Annan dashboard. You decide whether you receive one invoice for all locations or a separate invoice for each individual location.