Kaffee Abo von Coffee Annan

Kaffee Abo von Coffee Annan

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Art der Zubereitung:Filter
Art des Kaffees:Specialty Coffee (modern)
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Das Coffee Annan Kaffeeabo ist eine Einladung an echte Kaffee-Aficionados in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, die nicht nur einzigartigen Geschmack, sondern auch strukturellen Wandel unterstützen möchten. Alle unsere Kaffeesorten werden bewusst in den Ursprungsländern geröstet, eine Praxis um wirtschaftlichen Mehrwert entlang der Wertschöpfungskette gerecht zu verteilen. Dies trägt dazu bei, die Lebensbedingungen in den Anbauregionen direkt zu verbessern, Jobs zu schaffen und eine tiefgreifende Veränderung in der traditionellen Kaffeewertschöpfungskette zu bewirken. Mit jedem Abo von Coffee Annan wirst du Teil dieser Veränderung, genießt hochwertige Kaffeespezialitäten und förderst eine faire und nachhaltige Kaffeeproduktion.

Impact subscription


Benefit 1

FILTER - sweet, gentle and balanced.

Suitable for French Press, V60, Chemex, Aeropress, filter coffee machine.

Benefit 2

ESPRESSO - intense and aromatic.

Suitable for portafilter and moka pot.

Benefit 3

FULLY AUTOMATIC - Perfection at the push of a button.

Suitable for fully automatic coffee machines.



We are Annan – a diverse collective. Every month we bundle orders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our common goal: We enable people in the countries of origin to sell their coffee freshly roasted - and not just as a raw material. This means more of the proceeds stay where they count most – in the coffee-producing countries.

For you this means: Authentic, good coffee straight from the farm into your cup. No detours, no multinational middlemen.

A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Coffee Annan is not just another coffee company.

We strive for a world where every consumer can be confident that their products are ethically sourced, contribute to equal opportunities and support the change needed.


Coffee, but different

Roasted in the growing regions. This is trade on equal terms without colonialism.


Support for agroforestry

Agroforestry not only reduces carbon emissions and has socioeconomic benefits, but also helps improve water and air quality, soil health and wildlife habitat.


Socially responsible

Become part of the roasting at origin movement and give the producers the appreciation they deserve.

Your subscription, your rhythm – easy adjustment at any time


Subscription alert

You will always receive a reminder email 3 days before each subscription renewal to adjust your subscription in good time.


Subscription portal

Your subscription dashboard allows you to pause deliveries, change products or add extras - at any time.


Subscription Flex

Planning a vacation? Still too much coffee on the shelf? No problem, you set the date on which your subscription should be renewed.


Questions about the subscription? In our FAQs we have collected the answers to what other coffee lovers most often want to know.

Questions about the subscription

The coffee subscription works like this:

Step 1: Make a selection
First, you choose how you prepare your coffee and whether you like it more classic or want to immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffees.

Step 2: Determine quantity and delivery frequency
Decide how much coffee you need and how often we should deliver it to you. Some of our customers have their monthly ration sent every two months to save money on shipping.

Step 3: Order and delivery
After you have placed your order, we will take care of the rest. Your coffee will be delivered directly to your home.

Step 4: Flexible management
You have complete control over your subscription. You can make changes via your customer account at any time, such as updating your coffee selection, adjusting the delivery interval, pausing delivery or canceling your subscription.

Step 5: Enjoy

Additional Information
We'll send you a reminder email three days before your subscription is scheduled to renew, so you have enough time to make changes if you want.

No. Our subscription offer is fully flexible and works without any annoying contracts. You can cancel your subscription at any time with the push of a button.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We always send you a reminder by email 3 days before each subscription renewal. You have enough time to adapt, change or cancel your subscription.

Yes, we offer trial packages in different sizes. You can find these here .

Alternatively, you can start with the coffee subscription and cancel your subscription immediately after your first order. There is no minimum term.

You can subscribe to all of our coffees and combine them as you wish. If you are unsure which coffee is right for you, you can also tell us on this page how you prepare your coffee (e.g. in a fully automatic machine) and whether you prefer classic coffee or specialty coffee. We find the right coffee for you.

Ordering and shipping

The Coffee Annan coffee subscription is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Shipping usually takes between 1-2 working days.

In Germany and Austria shipping is free for subscriptions worth €49 or more. Otherwise we charge €4.90 per order.

In Switzerland, shipping is free for orders over 69 CHF. Below this we charge 6.90 CHF shipping fees per order.

TIP: Order double the quantity and choose delivery every two months - this way you stay with your usual monthly ration, but save shipping costs and reduce CO2 emissions. 🌱💰

You can make all changes yourself in your customer account. You can set your next delivery date, add products or pause/cancel your subscription.

Yes, of course. We always send you a reminder email 3 days before each renewal. You then have three days to change, pause, postpone or cancel your subscription. You can also just do nothing and we will send you your caffeine kick.

Questions about Coffee Annan

We see ourselves as an intermediary between you and the people in the growing regions. What sets us apart from other roasting companies is the fact that the roasting and packaging also takes place in the growing regions. This leads to a more equitable distribution of profits between producing and consuming countries.

All coffees are grown organically. Our espresso and café crème from the North Kivu region are also certified organic.

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