Cold Brew Recipe
Luc Hubeli • October 29, 2023

Cold Brew Recipe

You know how it is: those sweltering summer days when the heat seems relentless. That's when the allure of Cold Brew comes into play. With each sip, the world slows down a bit, bringing with it a r...
Kaffeeunverträglichkeit: Symptome & Ursachen
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Coffee Allergy: Causes & Symptoms of Coffee Intolerance

For most people, enjoying a fragrant cup of joe is a true pleasure – after all, this aromatic pick-me-up is not just a drink, it's a moment of relaxation! Whether you drink it right after getting u...
Wie kam Kaffee nach Europa? Die Geschichte der Kaffeekultur
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

The Historical Background of Coffee and How It Came to Europe

Coffee is considered the most popular hot drink in Europe, but how did that come about? There are many myths and legends surrounding our favorite pick-me-up, but what is the real background of coff...
Ist Kaffee gut für die Leber? - Ärzte klären auf
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Is Coffee a Liver Protector? - Doctors and Studies Clarify the Issue

Coffee unfortunately, still has a fairly bad reputation as far as its effect on our health is concerned, and there is an ongoing debate whether it is harmful to the liver or even good for it. We ai...
Kaffeemaschine und Espressomaschine reinigen – aber richtig!
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Coffee and Espresso Machine Maintenance Made Easy

This is such a common experience: Everyone loves to drink coffee, but most people hate coffee and espresso machine maintenance and cleaning their coffee or espresso maker. Are you also one of those...
Kaffee und Kalium: Wie wirkt Kaffee auf den Kaliumspiegel?
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Causes and Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

Potassium deficiency is very rare in healthy people. In general, it mainly affects older people who take medicines that lead to an increased need for potassium. But if you have a gastrointestinal v...
Ist die Kaffeepflanze giftig?
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Is the Coffee Plant Toxic? How to Cultivate a Coffee Plant at Home

Coffee plants normally grow in tropical and subtropical regions, but even in Europe, it is conceivable to grow your own coffee and harvest it yourself. However, the location is important and there ...
Bürgerkrieg, Armut und Vertreibung
Luc Hubeli • September 12, 2023

Civil war, poverty and displacement

The Kivu region in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the most conflict-ridden and poorest regions in the world. For years, the people have suffered from a war that has af...
Latte macchiato vs. Cappuccino: Was ist der Unterschied?
Luc Hubeli • September 11, 2023

Latte macchiato vs. Cappuccino: What's the Difference?

The tradition of drinking coffee with milk is fairly recent because for a long time, coffee was consumed black, and only the Turks and Greeks added sugar. Milk and coffee probably had their first ...