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C02 neutral. 100% renewable raw materials.

The coffee capsule consists of natural wood fibers combined with the bioplastic PLA (poly-lactic acid). No tree has to be felled to produce the wood fibers. Only wood residues from the wood industry are used. These come from sustainable forestry and are not chemically processed. The PLA, 100% bio-based, enables the wood fibers to be processed into coffee capsules.

We do not use aluminum, fossil plastic or microplastics. Our coffee capsules can therefore be completely returned to nature after use.

Why do we make capsules?

Hardly any other topic has divided our team as much as the capsule issue. Single use is just not cool. Point.

But the fact is that 29,000 plastic and aluminum capsules end up in the trash every minute. That's over 40 million capsules per day - an enormous environmental impact.

We have teamed up with Rezemo, a German start-up for sustainable packaging made from renewable raw materials.

The result: coffee from Africa meets a wooden capsule from Germany. The capsule decomposes completely in nature, without microplastics or aluminum.

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