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Here we offer a wide selection of equipment for the most common brewing methods such as Chemex, Aeropress, Timemore, Fellow and V60 from Hario. Everything your specialty coffee heart desires.Tickle out the full potential of our high-quality coffees from Coffee Annan.

Here you can find some brew guides

Designed and produced by Hario in Japan, the V60 is a favorite for home coffee brewing and a must-have for both beginners and advanced users.

Hario was founded back in 1921, but just a short time after its founding, Hario's popularity has already increased enormously and its devices have been sold worldwide.

Although the brewing time is a little longer, the V60 delivers wonderful aromas and a very pure, well-balanced coffee.

Try brewing the perfect V60 cup. Here's what you need:

1 V60
1 V60 filter paper
1 mill
1 scale
26 g ground specialty coffee (for example Coffee Annan Limu coffee)

1 kettle
340 ml filtered water


1. Fold the seam of the V60 filter and place the filter paper into the cone. Pour some hot water over the filter. This prevents your coffee from tasting like paper later. You can throw away the filtered clear water. Now let's get started.

2. Place the ground coffee in the middle of the filter and heat the water. The ideal temperature is ± 92 degrees Celsius.

3. Slowly and carefully pour approx. 40-50 ml of water over the ground coffee. Be careful not to pour water on the filter to avoid giving the coffee a papery taste.

Let the water soak in for 30-40 seconds and let it bloom.

4. Add the remaining heated water carefully and in a circular motion.

After about 3 minutes you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee! Feel free to let it cool down a bit to taste more of the fruity flavors.

You need:

Chemex filter paper
25g medium coarse beans
350 ml boiling water (88-92 °C)
The total brewing time is around 3:30 minutes.


1. Grind your coffee (medium grind) and heat the water.

2. Fold the filter paper twice and place it in your Chemex. You should always moisten the paper with hot water. This prevents a papery taste.

Just remember to remove the water before the brewing process ;)

3. Carefully spread the coffee into the center of the Chemex.

4. With the first pour, add around 50-60 g of hot water to the middle of the coffee so that it is completely wetted. This degasses the coffee so that it can bloom.

4. Add another 100g of water in a circular motion every 30 seconds until you reach 350g.

5. The total brewing time is approximately ± 3:30 minutes.

6. Have a nice coffee ;)

A great all-rounder for on the go. The Aeropress produces coffee with great aromas and good body.

You need:

1 Aeropress
Aeropress filter paper
1 grinder (or freshly ground coffee)

1 scale
16g medium/fine ground coffee
1 kettle
200 ml filtered water


Grind your coffee. We recommend 16 g and a fine to medium grind. The brewing temperature should be around 92°C.

Insert the filter and rinse the Aeropress with warm water to avoid a papery taste.

Put the press piston and the brewing cylinder together and then insert the funnel. Then put 16 g of ground coffee into the funnel and fill the Aeropress with 92 °C hot water (approx. 120 ml) in circular movements.

Stir vigorously and let the coffee steep for 30-60 seconds. Add the rest of the water (200 ml in total) and let the coffee brew again. The extraction time is approximately 1:30 minutes. Now turn the Aeropress upside down and slowly press the plunger downwards. Enjoy coffee :)

Bialetti sometimes has a completely unjustified reputation for producing bitter coffee. We're here to show you exactly how NOT to let that happen.

You need.

1 moka pot
1 grinder (if necessary) finely ground coffee

1 kettle / stove
Filtered water


1. Heat the water to around 92°C and prepare 15g of super fine ground coffee.

2. Carefully fill the bottom part of the moka pot with hot water.

3. Add the required amount of ground coffee (15 g) to the device. Now place the basket on the bottom part of the pot (which contains the hot water).

4. Place the moka pot on the stove over medium heat. As soon as the coffee flows out of the top valves and begins to hiss, it is ready. It's best to let it cool down a bit before enjoying.

Fruity and refreshing, the perfect method for hot summer days. Preparation time: 12-24 hours.

What you need if you don't have a cold brewer on hand:

Chemex (or funnel)
Chemex filter paper (or regular filter paper)
100g coarsely ground beans
1000g water (room/fridge temperature)
The extraction time for this is between 12 and 24 hours.


1. Put 100 g of coarsely ground beans in a large sealable container and fill it with one liter of cold water.

2. Place in the refrigerator and shake vigorously every now and then.

3. After 12-24 hours in the fridge you can filter the coldbrew. It's best to use a Chemex. If you don't have Chemex on hand, a normal filter and a collecting container will suffice.

You need:

20 g ground coffee (fine grind) 40 g boiling water
Total brewing time is 26-32 seconds.


First preheat the espresso machine.


Grind your coffee (fine grind).
The portafilter should be lightly piled with coffee (± 20g espresso).

Run your index finger along the edge of the portafilter to distribute the coffee evenly. Maybe you also have a leveling tool so you can distribute the finely ground coffee like a professional.

Press the espresso coffee powder into the portafilter using a metal tamper. This takes a little practice until you find the right pressure.

Rinse your espresso machine with hot water before installing the portafilter.

Clamp the portafilter. Now you can start the extraction. The perfect espresso takes around 26-32 seconds. Tip: Extraction time for Limu coffee: 32 seconds.

Nothing beats a fresh espresso to start the day. Have fun!

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