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Cafetieres are a popular way to make fresh and flavorful coffee. They come in different forms such as French press or espresso maker, allowing every coffee lover to prepare the perfect coffee. With a coffee maker you can enjoy the full richness of the aroma.

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AeroPress Coffee Maker coffee maker, including 350 filters
AeroPress Coffee Maker coffee maker, including 350 filters
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Fellow Clara French Press matt-schwarz
Fellow Clara French Press 0.7 L
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Fellow Stagg XF Pour Over Set
Fellow Stagg XF Kaffeebereiter Pour Over Set
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Fellow Stagg X Dripper Set
Fellow Stagg X Dripper Set
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Fellow Prismo Wiederverwendbarer Filter für Aeropress
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Fellow Clara French Press, Schwarz - Walnuss
Fellow Clara French Press, Schwarz - Walnuss
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AeroPress Coffee Maker Clear | Lieferumfang
AeroPress GO Coffee Maker | Kaffeebereiter für unterwegs
Timemore U French Press | Kaffeebereiter bei Coffee Annan
Timemore U French Press | 450ml | schwarz
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What is a coffee maker?

You want to prepare the perfect coffee, but the range of coffee makers is overwhelming you? Manual preparation, a hot cup at the push of a button or even on the stove - the types of coffee preparation know almost no limits. An efficient method is the fully automatic coffee machine. It grinds your aromatic beans exactly when you need a simple cup of coffee. The hot water is pressed under pressure through a filter directly into the cup. However, if you want to get more out of your coffee enjoyment, you should use other coffee makers. If you want to enjoy a filter coffee, you only need one filter,Filter paper, acollecting vesselas well as oneKettle. The coffee powder is poured directly with the hot water and then drips hot and fresh into your cup as coffee. If you have chosen the French press option, your coffee powder ends up in a jug made of plastic and glass, together with boiling water. Your coffee will brew in three to four minutes while the stamp is slowly pressed towards the bottom of the pot. But no matter whetherCapsule machine, espresso maker orAeroPress- If you want to enjoy full-bodied coffee, you should start by selecting the coffee beans.

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Which coffee maker is right for me?

What's better than a hot cup of coffee? But in order to enjoy it, the coffee must first be prepared. When it comes to finding out which coffee maker suits you best, three factors play a crucial role: time, handling and your own personal taste. For a smaller amount of coffee with a full-bodied and intense taste, we recommend using a press pot, also known as a French press. Alternatively, you can brew your coffee by hand, for example with aFellow Stagg Dripper. If you want to prepare larger quantities of coffee, a classic filter coffee machine is the best choice. Here, coffee stays warm longer and is brewed in just a few minutes. And with the exquisite coffees from Coffee Annan, the coffee tastes twice as good - even in the office, try it out!

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The advantages of different coffee makers

Different coffee makers allow individual coffee lovers to enjoy their personal taste. The portafilter machine, although it takes a little more time, offers an intense aroma. The Aeropress, on the other hand, conjures up a balanced coffee in just 5 minutes. The Bialetti espresso maker, on the other hand, guarantees the enjoyment of authentic Italian espresso.

Despite their specific advantages, coffee makers also share common advantages: they can be cost-effective and allow the avoidance of single-use materials, which contributes in some way to being environmentally friendly. However, it is important to note that the preparation of coffee actually accounts for the largest carbon footprint along the entire value chain, not its cultivation or transport. In this context, coffee preparation is only more environmentally friendly if, for example, cold brew is made. Overall, coffee makers still offer a diverse selection for individual coffee enjoyment.


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Most coffee makers can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. These include the Chemex, V60, Aeropress and the French Press. You should also do this regularly, depending on how often you use it, to rinse out the coffee oils. After each coffee, you should rinse off the residue of coffee powder and coffee with hot water. There are special cleaning products for espresso machines and fully automatic machines.

In order to be able to enjoy the aromas of the coffee, the grinding degree, quantity and roasting of the coffee play a crucial role. For filter coffee, the roast is lighter, while dark roasts are suitable for preparation in a portafilter or fully automatic machine.

Yes, a more environmentally friendly alternative is to make cold brew, which involves infusing coffee over a longer period of time at room temperature or in the refrigerator. This reduces energy consumption.

Coffee maker is a generic term for gadgets that help make coffee. A filter, for example made of paper, is an aid for a coffee maker like thisAeroPressto make your coffee experience unique.